O estanho, do latim Stagnum vulgarizado para Stannum na idade média, é um dos mais antigos metais, conhecido pelo homem.

It is a silvery-white metal that does not oxidize easily in air and resists corrosion.

It worked by hand due to its handling characteristics and low toughness, showing two types of finish, the polished and matte, although the latter was most appreciated for a long time now the pieces in texture silver are the most common.

In Portugal, it uses the tin from the fifteenth century. the manufacture of wide variety of theater, not only for domestic use as well as religious, having increased their demand, initially for the upper classes, by deploying its position always associated with material of high prestige.

Preserve traditions in the manufacture of parts in tin and add innovation and quality, are the perfect blend to achieve true works of art of high beauty and good taste. Accordingly, and based on the same philosophy as the cornerstone of quality assurance, arises Estanhos Dom Antonio, to resize a brand that had been implanted in the market for almost 40 years and who gave the name of Poole.

Develop and maintain the manual production honoring the tradition, it is our goal, so we can strengthen our trade ties, seeking always to do better!

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